Night Owl – A brilliant find from The Fine Bedding Company

I was recently introduced to the Night Owl bedding collection from The Fine Bedding Company.  Night Owl is a range of duvets that come with their own cover – meaning you don’t need a separate duvet cover for it.  The instant benefit of this is no longer having to worry about stuffing a duvet into a cover!  When you need to wash it you put the whole duvet into the washing machine and then it dries in roughly an hour and a half.

Even though I had read some great reviews on them I was a little sceptical at first, but now I have tried one for myself I am so impressed. 

I was gifted the White Seersucker version, pictured above, and it has such a lovely look and feel.  It is lightweight whilst also being really cosy.  The fabric is smooth and soft and stays that way after washing it too.  We have actually been fighting over who is going to have it in our house!

Look out for more pictures of it in situ – once my house looks like a home and not a building site!

The Fine Bedding Company have lots of different colourways and designs, all of which look lovely and are available in both 4.5 tog and 10.5 tog.  They also have matching pillowcases which are a must!

Thank you for reading my review. I would love to know if you purchase one what you think of it.

You can find the link to their website on my Little Black Book page.

Happy Shopping and Sleeping!  Kate x